Pavement Marking Project this Week

Pavement Marking Project this Week

From Tuesday through Friday, July 25 through 28, Heartland Traffic Services of Kansas City, Kansas will refresh the pavement markings on various streets in Salina.

The streets receiving updates include: the 9th and Magnolia intersection; the 9th and Belmont intersection; the 9th and Debold intersection, 9th from Riffel to Schilling; the Magnolia and Belmont intersection; and Centennial from Schilling to Cloud.

The paint is usually applied by a moving vehicle with minimum traffic control and therefore few inconveniences to traffic. The paint dries in minutes. Motorists should maintain their distance from the vehicle at all times and avoid contact with freshly painted lines. Motorists are also encouraged to seek alternate routes when they see that work is occurring.

The $41,000 project is part of the City of Salina's $4.7 million 2023 maintenance capital improvement program.

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