OCCK is Celebrating Transit Driver Appreciation Day

OCCK is Celebrating Transit Driver Appreciation Day

OCCK Transportation is encouraging people to celebrate “Transit Driver Appreciation Day” on Monday, March 18, 2024.

Driving a bus or van isn’t an easy job, but the best drivers make it look that way. OCCK Transportation drivers provided thousands of trips last year, getting people to work, school, shopping and medical appointments. We are asking Salina and North Central Kansas to say “Thank you” to a driver on March 18.

OCCK encourages all riders to join us in celebrating our hard-working drivers. On National Transit Driver Appreciation Day, please say “Thank you” to the drivers who go the extra mile.

 For those customers who don’t ride on March 18, a “Thank you” or a card is welcome anytime.  Any easy way to submit a compliment is online at https://salinacitygo.com/thank-my-occk-driver/.

Riders can also send in a compliment for a driver at citygo@salinacitygo.com or by calling 785.826.1583 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  They can also give a shout out to drivers on the OCCK Transportation page and use the hashtag #tdad.

A proclamation will be read at the March 12 Saline County Commission meeting.

National Bus Driver Appreciation Day was started by transit riders in Seattle in 2009. Hans Gerwitz and Shannon Thomas wrote a blog post that inspired the International Bus Driver Appreciation Day movement. They chose March 18 because it was on that day in 1662 that bus service began in Paris.

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