Oakdale Ave Bridge Rail Painting

Oakdale Ave Bridge Rail Painting

During the week of October 9, Southern Coatings of Tarpon Springs, FL, will begin repainting the Oakdale Ave Bridge pedestrian rails.

The bridge is located 3 blocks south of Iron Ave at the northeast corner of Oakdale Park. Sidewalks over the bridge will be closed in one direction while that side's rails are removed and repainted at a remote location. Pedestrians will still be able to cross the bridge by using the other sidewalk or walking along the ample road shoulder. Vehicular traffic may experience brief delays while the rails are being removed and reinstalled.

The faded and weathered pea green paint will be replaced with black paint. Similar treatments occurred at the bridge on Iron Ave west of Marymount Rd in 2017 and the bridge on Mulberry St west of Oakdale Park in 2018.

The contractor plans to complete the work in 2-3 weeks.

The $120,000 project is part of the City of Salina's $4.7M 2023 street maintenance capitol improvement program.

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