NEW: Free Classifieds In The Salina311 Newspaper

NEW: Free Classifieds In The Salina311 Newspaper
Photo by AbsolutVision / Unsplash

If you are looking to buy, sell, or trade items in the community there's a new solution available. Salina311 has just launched a new and improved classifieds section for the Salina311 Newspaper and Morning Briefing Email.

Starting today, you can submit free classifieds ads.

The ads will appear in both the Wednesday and Sunday editions of the Salina311 Newspaper. In addition, the morning briefing email will now include a section with the latest classifieds, so you can stay updated on the latest offerings in the community.

This was one of the top requested features over the last few months and we're excited to make it available.

Click below to submit your Classifieds.

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