Morning Briefing Sponsor Schedule

The Salina Morning Briefing is an email that goes out to more than 25,000 residents in Saline County each morning. Put your business/organization front and center as the first thing they see when they open the Salina Morning Briefing!

  • Add a large graphic (500 x 700 px) with the message of your choice.
  • $300/day ($200/day for Business Members)


June 1: Long Mac
June 2: Exchange Bank
June 3: Salina Family Healthcare
June 4: SRHC
June 5: Bank of Tescott
June 6: Salina Tech
June 7: Darin - Edward Jones
June 8: Service Master Salina
June 9: Salina Septic
June 10: Bank of Tescott Spot2: Long Mac
June 11: SRHC
June 12: Salina Symphony
June 13: Framing Matters
June 14: Salina Ortho
June 15: Long Mac
June 16: Smoky Hill River Festival
June 17: Framing Matters Spot 2: Bank of Tescott
June 18:
Darin - Edward Jones
June 18: Spot 2: Estate Sale Ad
June 19: Framing Matters Spot 2: Salina Family Healthcare
June 20: SRHC
June 21: Exchange Bank
June 22: Salina Symphony
June 23:
Smoky Hill River Festival
June 24:
Bennington State Bank
June 25: Bank of Tescott
June 26: Bennington State Bank
June 27: SRHC
June 28: Service Master Salina
June 29: Salina Symphony
June 30: Smoky Hill River Festival


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