Meet the New Salina Area Catbackers Co-Presidents

Meet the New Salina Area Catbackers Co-Presidents
Tom Billings

Tom is married to Nicole and they have 5 daughters. He is a huge K-State fan, has been a football season ticket holder for the past 6 years and enjoys all things K-State. He is the administrator and creator of the K-State Family Facebook group (30,000 people strong), Twitter and Instagram for the past 10 years. Tom also administers The K-State Family Pride Facebook page, which has almost 6,000 followers. Tom attended KSU in 1991-1993, 1996-1997 studying criminal justice.

Cheri Koochel

Cheri graduated from KSU in 1983 with a dual degree in Social Work and Family and Child Development, worked in child welfare and school social work for a total of 34 years and retired 5 years ago. She grew up in the small town of Victoria, KS, went to Manhattan for college, and stayed in Manhattan for 39 years (moving to Salina 5 years ago). Cheri is a member of the Human Relations Commission and President of the Kansas School Social Workers Association. She enjoys traveling, reading, going to the YMCA and spending time with family and friends, especially my grandchildren.

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