Lost Pets

Lost Pets

My son found this little chihuahua on I70 between Abilene and Chapman. She was cold, wet and dirty but otherwise looks like she’s been well taken care of. She’s blind and graying. Very little teeth. Probably over 10+years old. She’s chubby, well behaved and used to a bath and blow dry. Someone has to be missing her.

Amy King

Hi I found this kitten this morning around 11th Street near the Casey’s on 9th. It is super friendly and it was freezing. I am checking with the shelter later today to see if they can help her but at the moment I still have her.  Would you be able to add her to your found page?? Thanks!

Tabby is still missing...it breaks my heart that she's potentially out in this cold weather, when she's use to being in a warm, loving house. Please please please share, Reward for any information. We just want our baby back. She's a year and a couple months old and had been missing for 2 weeks. She has been with us since the day she was born 8-31-2022. 4 cats went missing from the same block on the same day leaving us to believe she was trapped and dumped somewhere in the country. She is a fixed female grey tabby cat. She has white toes in the front and white paws in the back that looks like she's wearing socks.

Hayley Jo is 13 1/2 yrs old, chihuahua, she weighs about 3-4lbs. She is a registered emotional support dog. She is black with tan markings (gray is showing her age especially on her face). The fur around her neck is pretty thick, her undercoat is tan like her markings. She is very skittish and can run pretty fast. If you see her please don’t chase her. Please contact me right away. Although she is old she is in pretty good physical shape considering she can’t see or hear well and she has a lot of her teeth missing. Eating can be difficult for her at times.
Possible sightings-
- the morning after she got out, was seen by several people on 12th just south of Iron being chased by a “homeless man”,
- alley between Phillips and Baker (north of university and south of Iron)
- Seen south of South on College headed north,
- south college on a security camera,
- Cottonwood school,
- several different sightings on State St.
- last sighting on mulberry and 8th
No one has been able to get her on camera or video
If you know someone who might have taken her in thinking she is a stray, please let them know her owner needs her and she needs her owner. Her sister puppy is really missing her.
She is typically a very restless dog  pacing a lot and she is a fast runner.
Please Share with she could be anywhere…
Please help me find my baby girl. We need her home.
There is a $500 REWARD for finding her.

EVERYONE PLEASE SHARE!!!These family members are missing and wouldn't it be a great holiday if they could be home with them again. JoJo had been missing for over 3 weeks and was last seen being chased by a homeless person at 4th and Mullberry. Sally has also been gone for over 3 weeks and I believe the last confirmed sighting was at Sunset Park. And Smalls went missing from the Crawford/Ohio area a few days ago with no sightings that I know of. Please keep your eyes out for them. I believe Sally and JoJo have been taken by someone and who knows with Smalls but if you know anything please let these families know so they can be together once again!!!

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