Local Artist's Unique Painting Finds Home in Chiefs Family

Local Artist's Unique Painting Finds Home in Chiefs Family

Shallow Creek Studio, owned by Mandy Norwood, recently captured hearts with a one-of-a-kind creation for a special customer. Norwood's artistic journey, ignited by personal struggles, has now led to a remarkable milestone.

In April 2022, Mandy Norwood turned to art as a means of coping with the stress of her husband's battle with a brain tumor. Despite being a novice, she fearlessly immersed herself in painting, discovering solace in the act of creation.

Two years later, Norwood's talent has blossomed, marked by numerous sales, art shows, and displays across Salina. Her distinct "fluid art" style sets her work apart, each canvas brimming with her unique creativity. And now, another achievement adorns her portfolio.

Norwood's latest commission came from her friend Roxi Connally, who sought a special gift for the mother of Kansas City Chiefs' cornerback L'Jarius Sneed, as a birthday gift. The painting, infused with the vibrant hues of the Chiefs' colors, was promptly sent to Mama Sneed in Louisiana, a surprise orchestrated by Roxi and her friend Kelsi Zamrzla, who is a personal friend of Sneed's.

Speaking of the project, Norwood expressed her excitement, stating, "It was kinda surreal." The painting, titled Red Kingdom, commemorated the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory, adorned with red, gold, and yellow, echoing the team's spirit.

Remarkably, Norwood decided to incorporate L'Jarius Sneed's jersey number, #38, into the painting, a gesture of admiration for the Chiefs player. Despite initially assuming the number was unavailable, she discovered it had been overlooked in her log, creating a serendipitous opportunity.

The painting was delivered to Mama Sneed by Kelsi during a Chiefs Super Bowl celebration in Louisiana, marking a moment of pride for Norwood. Reflecting on the experience, she expressed gratitude, saying, "I am absolutely honored to have a painting hanging in Mama Sneed's house."

Norwood's achievement underscores the power of community support and word of mouth in her artistic journey. As she cherishes this milestone, she acknowledges the significance of personal connections in shaping her success, proving that sometimes, the most meaningful opportunities arise from genuine relationships.

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