Livestock & Expo Center Electrical Upgrade Approved at County Commission Meeting

Livestock & Expo Center Electrical Upgrade Approved at County Commission Meeting

At the recent County Commission Meeting on Tuesday, Commissioners addressed a change order from the Livestock & Expo Center regarding electrical modifications to Barns 1 and 2.

Back on September 19th, 2023, the Commission had previously granted a bid of $54,550 to DRCL Electric for essential work on the exterior electric lines of Barns 1 & 2. However, following consultations with Evergy, adjustments are needed due to the transformer's size, requiring a shift from a pole mounted to a ground mounted transformer.

This alteration involves the removal and replacement of concrete from the alley to Barn 1, the installation of underground conduits in both Barns 1 and 2, and the placement of protective bollards around the ground-level transformer. Additionally, this change eliminates the necessity for new weatherheads and framing, resulting in a credit to the project.

The requested change order amounts to an additional $5,678 for the project. The funding for this extra cost will be drawn from the $224,625 allocated in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) earmarked for Livestock & Expo Center improvements in 2024.

The motion for approval of this change order was successfully carried during the meeting.

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