Let's Tell Your Stories

For local businesses, it is more complicated than ever to reach customers and potential employees. There are a zillion platforms for posting job openings and more social media platforms to advertise on than you can shake a stick at, but truly reaching your target audience is still challenging.

Salina311's primary goal is to help the community prosper, so we're launching a new feature to help local organizations spread their message and, most notably, their stories.

For interested organizations in Saline County, you can now have your stories published on Salina311.com and in the Salina311 newspaper.

Each month, a Salina311 reporter will interview you, and write a story about your organization (along with a photo shoot) so that your stories engage the community.

Stories can cover the things that are happening for your employees, stories about your employees, stories about your initiatives, successes, etc.

To learn more and to get started, simply select a time below to discuss all the details :

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