Lee Mercantile Lofts Phase 2 Progress Report: Historic Restoration in Full Swing

Lee Mercantile Lofts Phase 2 Progress Report: Historic Restoration in Full Swing

Amidst the bustling streets of Santa Fe, Lee Mercantile Lofts sits in Phase 2 as construction fervor reigns supreme, both visibly within the building and covertly behind the scenes. A symphony of activity orchestrates the restoration efforts, meticulously coordinated to meet the stringent historic preservation standards mandated by federal and state authorities. While the endeavor demands additional diligence, the resultant development promises to be a testament to the meticulous care invested in its revival.

Here's a glimpse of the latest developments:

  • The installation of ductwork for the apartments and ventilation systems is underway, alongside the placement of exhaust and fresh air intakes.
  • Progress continues with electrical wall rough-ins, now extending to above-ceiling installations on various floors.
  • In-wall rough-ins have been successfully completed, ensuring essential infrastructure readiness.
  • Rigorous inspections have been conducted on floor penetrations, with meticulous caulking and third-party verification on vent and drain stacks.
  • Advancing steadily, the framing work includes the initial layer of sheeting for plumbing walls and the incorporation of blocking for future furnishings and door fixtures.
  • Elevator shafts witness ongoing floor framing activities, bolstering the building's structural framework.
  • Coring contractors diligently tackle the exterior brickwork on northern floors, facilitating the installation of exhaust piping for mechanical systems.
  • The commencement of steel laying operations signifies the reinforcement of walls and floors, anchored by lintels for added stability.
  • Abatement efforts persist on the first floor, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and environmental standards.
  • Fire suppression systems see notable progress, with the installation of sprinkler lines and stairwell penetrations for standpipe readiness.
  • The meticulous restoration of interior brickwork continues, complemented by preparatory measures for steel lintel installation at door openings.
  • Ejector pipes, floor drains, and pump installations mark pivotal milestones in the enhancement of essential building systems.
  • Large-scale tuck-pointing endeavors grace the exterior faΓ§ade, courtesy of the dedicated masonry team's meticulous craftsmanship.

Stay tuned as the narrative of restoration unfolds, promising a future where the echoes of the past resonate harmoniously with the aspirations of the present.

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