KWU Announces Support of Ell-Saline High School Project

KWU Announces Support of Ell-Saline High School Project

Kansas Wesleyan University is proud to announce its support of a project to benefit USD 307, centered around Ell-Saline High School. KWU has joined numerous organizations across the community to partner with Brookville Community Foundation to help the school purchase a new scoreboard.

“So much of what happens in communities revolves around schools, and our marketing strategy certainly reflects that,” said Brad Salois, KWU director of marketing and communications. “This project, however, was a little different. Ell-Saline has a long-term vision of using this board to teach students transferable skills, both in terms of technical operation and digital media. That made this opportunity stand out, and we’re proud to be a partner on the project.”

The scoreboard will be installed and operational for Ell-Saline’s first home football game on Friday, Sept. 1. Signage from each of the sponsoring organizations will be on the board, and numerous businesses – including KWU – will have digital ad opportunities on the new screen, as well.

The Ell-Saline agreement now gives KWU a visual presence at 11 regional high schools or school districts.

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