KWU Announces Dr. Rebecca Chopp ’74 as Keynote Speaker at April’s Scholarship Gala

KWU Announces Dr. Rebecca Chopp ’74 as Keynote Speaker at April’s Scholarship Gala

Kansas Wesleyan University is delighted to announce that Dr. Rebecca Chopp ’74 will be the keynote speaker for the 2024 Scholarship Gala, scheduled for April 20 at the Student Activities Center.

Expressing her commitment to supporting scholarships at KWU, Dr. Chopp emphasized the transformative impact of such investments on the future of young individuals, the nation, and the world. Drawing from her own experience, she highlighted how a generous donor changed the course of her life by enabling her to attend college. Dr. Chopp continues to pay forward this generosity daily and hopes that many will join her in celebrating the future represented by students and the donors who contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

As one of Kansas Wesleyan's most distinguished alumni, Dr. Chopp has an impressive career, having served as the president of Swarthmore College and Colgate University, as well as the chancellor of the University of Denver. She made history as DU's first female chancellor and held leadership roles at Emory and Yale. A prolific author, Dr. Chopp has written extensively on topics such as religion, philosophy, education, and feminism.

In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Chopp is a passionate advocate for Alzheimer's awareness and co-founded Voices of Alzheimer’s, a national advocacy group, following her 2019 diagnosis. She is actively involved in Alzheimer’s activism and education, addressing issues like timely diagnosis, research for a cure, drug accessibility, and lifestyle interventions for those with Alzheimer’s. Her upcoming book, "Still Me," focuses on this subject and is set to be published next year.

Ken Oliver, executive vice president of advancement and university operations, expressed the university's excitement about welcoming Dr. Chopp back to campus for the Scholarship Gala. Recognizing her as one of the most accomplished alumni, Oliver highlighted that she embodies the greatness of Kansas Wesleyan and serves as an inspiration for the achievements students can aspire to.

Dr. Chopp, who earned her bachelor’s degree from KWU in 1974, holds an MDiv from St. Paul School of Theology and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. Several scholarships and recognitions at KWU bear her name, and she was the 1990 recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award.

Tickets for the Scholarship Gala are now available, and further details can be found at

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