KHP Clocks Driver at 76 MPH Over Speed Limit

KHP Clocks Driver at 76 MPH Over Speed Limit

Lt Craig Davis encountered a 2011 BMW reportedly traveling at a staggering speed of 151 mph on I-70. Despite Lt Davis's attempt to intercept, the BMW continued its high-speed journey until the Salina Police Department intervened, finally stopping it while traveling at 94 mph near the city limits.

The consequences for Lt Davis's efforts alone resulted in a fine of $993, not including the additional ticket issued by the Salina PD.

This incident highlights the collaborative efforts of law enforcement, including the Salina Police Department, Saline County Sheriff's Office - Kansas, and the Kansas Highway Patrol, in ensuring road safety. Our roads accommodate a diverse community of drivers, from novices to experienced individuals, driving vehicles of various sizes and loads.

The public is encouraged to report any dangerous incidents on our roads by dialing *47 to contact the Kansas Highway Patrol dispatch.

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