Ken Block's Hoonitruck Makes Debut at The Garage

Ken Block's Hoonitruck Makes Debut at The Garage
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The Garage Automotive Museum in Downtown Salina is gearing up for its newest exhibit, "Trucks", set to open on Thursday, May 4.

The museum has already showcased some exceptionally rare vehicles, but the upcoming exhibit promises to be a truly unique experience for automotive enthusiasts. Michelle Peck, Executive Director of The Garage, shares that the museum is all about connections and securing a piece of Rally Racing history was made possible through Thatcher Keast, Auction Coordinator Consignment Department Manager and Auctioneer of RM Sotheby's in Ontario, Canada.

Keast helped bring the "Hoonitruck," a prized possession of Ken Block, to the museum for the exhibit. Visitors will be able to view the truck until the end of August.

The Hoonitruck on display at The Garage has an intriguing backstory that is sure to captivate visitors.

The truck was formerly owned by Ken Block, a renowned professional rally driver who earned a reputation for his unparalleled driving skills and numerous victories.

Thatcher Keast notes that the Hoonitruck reflects Block's daring and unconventional approach, resembling something that "a crazy skateboard stunt guy would do with a truck."

The upcoming "Trucks" exhibit at The Garage promises to be the largest display of vehicles since the museum's opening. Visitors will have the opportunity to view over forty unique trucks, making it an impressive showcase. Michelle Peck expresses her excitement for the exhibit, saying, "This truck show is my favorite yet! You'll see 40 trucks from a 1911 Mercury to Ken Block's Hoonitruck. Trucks are coming from Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, all over Kansas, and even Canada."

The passing of Ken Block has made the Hoonitruck an important piece of automotive history. RM Sotheby's acquired the truck from the Block family when they had to sell their Ford products due to a brand change. Thatcher Keast explains that the company obtained the truck through their friendship with Ken and the Block family. Interestingly, Ken Block's daughter, Lia, still owns the Mustang that closely resembles the Hoonitruck.

The term "Hoonigan" is synonymous with extreme motorsports activities such as rally cross, drifting, and doing stunts like burnouts and donuts. The Hoonigan racing team has built numerous vehicles designed for these activities, including the Hoonitruck. Thatcher Keast notes that there's nothing practical about the vehicle. It was built purely for the purpose of having fun and making people happy. Michelle Peck says of the entire "Trucks" exhibit, "You won't want to miss it!"

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