Kansas Gears Up for the 3rd Annual Mobility Week: November 5-12, 2023

Kansas Gears Up for the 3rd Annual Mobility Week: November 5-12, 2023

In a bid to promote sustainable transportation and enhance mobility options across the state, Kansas is gearing up to celebrate its 3rd Annual Mobility Week from November 5 to November 12, 2023.

As part of this exciting initiative, KANcycle, the regional bike-sharing program, is offering an exclusive promotional code, "MobWeek23," granting residents and visitors alike free rides on KANcycle bicycles during the entire Mobility Week. This fantastic offer is applicable to all KANcycle service locations, ensuring everyone can make the most of this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Michelle Griffin, Director of Mobility Management for the region, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "We're excited about partnering with transit agencies across the state for Mobility Week 2023. KANcycle is a great program for North Central and Southeastern Kansas, and we want more people to take advantage of using bicycles for mobility. Rides can be taken for any purpose, including shopping, errands, and even fun."

Getting started with KANcycle is a breeze. Riders need to download the convenient Movatic app, locate a bike rack with an available bicycle, enter the "MobWeek23" promo code on the payment screen, and embark on their journey. Ending the ride is just as straightforward, completing the process in reverse.

KANcycle's regional bike-sharing service provides convenient and affordable access to bicycles for residents and visitors across various Kansas locales, including Salina, Minneapolis, Concordia, Belleville, Mankato, Beloit, Lincoln, Ellsworth, Lindsborg, and Coffeyville. This eco-friendly initiative, powered by Movatic, is made possible through a collaborative funding partnership between OCCK and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, offering a healthy and fun means of transportation and recreation for the community.

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