January USD 305 Board of Education Meeting

January USD 305 Board of Education Meeting


Renaissance Teachers of the Month

Certificates were presented to secondary teachers honored as Renaissance Teachers of the Month from September 2023 through December 2023. Teachers included Kira Gilbert, Trey Cullins, Jennifer Buchholz, and Kevin Patrick, Central High School; Jesse Smith, Eryn Koons, Chelsey Crawford-Cline, and Rebecca Stone, Lakewood Middle School; Cameron Magnall, Shelby Mann, Justin Ebert, and Charlie Todd, South High School; and Tabetha Deines, Kathy Clark, Jeff Vogt, and Darrel Dees, South Middle School.

Action Agenda

Board Representative Appointments

The board the following appointments:

1.      CKCIE Board of Control – Gabe Grant, Jim Fletcher (alt)

2.      Parks & Recreation Advisory Board – Bonnie Schamberger, Ann Zimmerman

3.      Smoky Hill Education Service Center – Paul Gebhardt, Dana Kossow (alt)

4.      Head Start Policy Council – Scott Gardner

5.      Equity Council – Dana Kossow

6.     Salina Education Foundation – Jim Fletcher, Gabe Grant

7.      Chamber of Commerce Board – Jim Fletcher

8.      Salina Adult Education Center Advisory Board– Paul Gebhardt, Bonnie Schamberger

9.     NEA – Salina Executive Board – Gabe Grant

10.  District Health Council – Ann Zimmerman

11.   Truancy Board – Scott Gardner

Summer School

The board approved the 2024 Summer School Program which will take place between May 28, 2024 and July 2, 2024.

Discussion Agenda

Course Proposal

Curtis Stevens, director of secondary programs, presented a proposal to add an eighth-grade weightlifting course. Action was taken by the board and the proposal was approved.

Visible Learning Update

Shanna Rector, deputy superintendent, provided an update on Visible Learning.

School Board Reports

  • Ann Zimmerman, board member, attended the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting.
  • Dana Kossow, board member, attended the Smoky Hill Education Service Center Executive Cabinet meeting.
  • Bonnie Schamberger, board member, attended the Visible Learning training and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting.
  • Scott Gardner, board member, attended a wrestling tournament.
  • Jim Fletcher, president, attended the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce Board meeting and the board orientation for Paul Gebhardt.

Upcoming Dates of Importance

  • Wednesday, January 24, BOE Building Visit, 8:30-10:00 am, SAEC
  • Saturday, February 3, KASB New Board Member Training, Topeka
  • Tuesday, February 27, BOE Worksession, 5:30 pm, District Office
  • Tuesday, March 26, KASB Board Training, 5:00 pm, District Office
  • Wednesday, April 10, BOE Building Visit, 10:00-11:30 am, Stewart

Superintendent’s Report

Linn Exline, superintendent of schools, reported on her advocacy for public education including attending a legislative roundtable and scheduling meetings with local legislators to review the District’s legislative priorities. She has been compiling excess cost for special education, identifying federal, state and local monies on an expenditure basis so it is clear how much each of them is providing. At this time, Salina is providing approximately 35 percent. Superintendent Exline reported that the Credit Union of America and Project Teacher provided Yoobi school supply packets to every student at Heusner Elementary School. She attended a graduation for the intensive reading program at Lakewood Middle School. Eighty SPS teachers are poised to begin a training program focused on teaching reading to young learners. Superintendent Exline and Jennifer Camien, director of communications, are registered for a Leadership in School Communications program

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