On March 28th, citizens came together to celebrate the unveiling of a bronze statue honoring Brian Richardson, a key figure in the revitalization of downtown Salina. The event, held at the United Capital Plaza, was attended by community members, city officials, and Richardson's friends and family.

The ceremony commenced with inspiring remarks delivered by Chad Koehn, President of United Capital Management, highlighting Richardson's dedication and impact on the community. Following Koehn's speech, the bronze statue, meticulously crafted by artist Tim Chapman of Manhattan, Kansas, was unveiled to applause and admiration.

Richardson's contributions to Salina have been profound. Through property investments and innovative development projects, he has played a pivotal role in breathing new life into neglected areas of the city. His efforts have not only sparked economic growth but have also fostered a renewed sense of pride among Salina residents.

The bronze statue serves as a poignant symbol of Richardson's unwavering commitment to the town's prosperity and his remarkable contributions to its revitalization. It stands as a testament to his enduring legacy of innovation, perseverance, and community spirit, embodying the values that Richardson has championed throughout his endeavors.

Known for his dedication to his family, Richardson has always preferred to work humbly behind the scenes. His wife Julie and their three children have been integral parts of his projects and businesses, reflecting his commitment to inclusivity, familial values, and his strong faith in God.

Richardson's impact on Salina is evident in the projects he has been involved in, including the Salina Fieldhouse, multiple residential and commercial properties, and various downtown buildings. His vision and leadership have earned him the highest honor of a bronze statue, which will be located prominently in downtown Salina.

As the community gathered to honor Brian Richardson, his legacy serves as a source of inspiration for future generations. His values of humility, family, and faith continue to guide and inspire adventures aimed at furthering the prosperity and growth of Salina. The unveiling of his statue signifies recognition to Richardson's exceptional contributions to the city's revitalization efforts.

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