Saline County Health Department Launches "Bosom Buddies" Program to Support Breastfeeding Families

In a bid to bolster community assistance, the Maternal and Child Health Division of the Saline County Health Department has unveiled its latest endeavor, the "Bosom Buddies" program. Community members are urged to contribute clean, gently used breastfeeding clothing, and other lactation supplies to aid families facing challenges.

Maternal and Child Health Nurse and program head, Erica Waters, RN, emphasized the program's significance, stating, "Having witnessed firsthand the difficulties new mothers encounter in breastfeeding, our 'Bosom Buddies' initiative offers a community-driven solution. Donations of nursing bras and baby-safe skincare products can make a significant impact on the lives of breastfeeding families in our region."

Waters drew inspiration for the program from her own experiences as a new mother, emphasizing the communal spirit among parents. She shared, "The concept of 'Bosom Buddies' emerged from my personal journey, where sharing and receiving support within a group of fellow parents played a pivotal role. This initiative extends that sense of sharing and support to the broader community."

Mona Hargrave, WIC Designated Breastfeeding Expert at the Health Department, highlighted the challenges of breastfeeding for many and underscored the practical support offered by the "Bosom Buddies" initiative. "This program provides a tangible way for our community to support breastfeeding parents by ensuring access to necessary supplies. It not only addresses the physical aspects of breastfeeding but also fosters a network of care and support."

For those eager to contribute to the "Bosom Buddies" program or seeking further details, please contact Erica at the Saline County Health Department at 785.826.6600 ext. 7326. Your donations play a crucial role in supporting the health and well-being of both mothers and infants in Saline County.

This initiative stands as a testament to the Saline County Health Department's unwavering commitment to nurturing the health of the community's youngest members and providing essential support to mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey.

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