Harmony Games Displays the Power of Music

Harmony Games Displays the Power of Music

Salina Symphony hosted approximately 1,000 area fourth graders for a preview of the Harmony Games last Friday. Over 500 individuals were present for the Family Concert version of The Harmony Games on Sunday at Stiefel Theatre. The pre-concert activities, including an instrument petting zoo, coloring center, and face painting, were very well attended.

“We were grateful for the opportunity to share our love of music with so many young people this past weekend! Children learned about the instrument families and how music and math are connected," said Adrienne Allen, Executive Director of the Salina Symphony. On Sunday, students who joined us prior to the concert were able to try out various instruments and few brave volunteers got to practice conducting during the concert.”

The afternoon's family concert and instrument petting zoo were described as incredibly enjoyable. Children learned about the instrument families and the connection between music and math. A few brave volunteers even had the chance to practice conducting.

The Harmony Games, which tells the story of four families coming together through the power of music, introduced young concertgoers to the orchestra's instruments and their connection to mathematics. The concert also featured music from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.

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