Guns Reported Stolen from Salina Resident

Guns Reported Stolen from Salina Resident
Photo - Salina Police Department Website

A 61-year-old woman has reported the theft of firearms from her residence, prompting an investigation by local authorities. The woman called the Salina Police Department on April 4th at 5:30 pm to report the disappearance of a Ruger SR9 handgun valued at $500 from her home on the 300 block of South Oakdale.

According to the woman, suspicions have arisen regarding two males who stayed with her in April of the previous year. It is believed that one of these individuals may be responsible for the theft. However, no definitive evidence has been uncovered, and the case remains under active investigation.

In a related development, the woman disclosed that two other firearms went missing in November of 2023 from a friend's house where she had entrusted them for safekeeping. The homeowner informed her that an unidentified individual had fled with the guns, including a Ruger 57 valued at $650 and a Ruger Carbine valued at $800.

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