Get on & Go Summer Bus Passes Available Soon

Get on & Go Summer Bus Passes  Available Soon

OCCK Transportation, operating through Salina CityGo, is set to launch its successful "Get On & Go" program for the upcoming summer season of 2023. Children aged 7 to 18 in the Salina area can benefit from this initiative, which enables them to purchase a Summer Youth Bus Pass for just $10. The pass will grant unlimited access to Salina CityGo from June 1 to August 31. On boarding the buses, youths must show their "Get On & Go" pass to the drivers. This program provides young people with the freedom to travel independently during the summer months. The "Get On & Go" Summer Youth Bus Pass enables children to visit summer activities, enjoy summer lunches, explore community centers, parks, the library, and shopping centers, among other things. OCCK Transportation will observe social distancing policies as appropriate.

The Summer Youth Bus Pass can be purchased online from May 15, 2023, at and Buy A Pass, with pick-up options available. It will also be available for purchase at OCCK Transportation's office, located at 340 N. Santa Fe, from the same date. Additionally, the Summer Pass will be accessible digitally on the Token Transit app, as all of OCCK Transportation's services have a digital fare option.

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