Gadzooks It’s Finance Spooks!

Gadzooks It’s Finance Spooks!

If a film were made entitled, “Personal Finances”, it would likely top the list of scariest movies of all time. Why? Personal finances are a topic many people think about daily but are ultimately too afraid to address. After all, life’s necessities require spending. But if people don’t have a handle on their spending, it can quickly get out of hand. Without a clear plan for one’s personal finances, money becomes the monster that lurks in the closet and haunts dreams.

So how does one get rid of the personal finance spooks? By following some simple guidelines and speaking with a trusted professional. Contact Tim VanDonge at (785) 825-7730 or follow him on Facebook to learn more about how Farm Bureau Financial Services can help protect your future.

Tim VanDonge | 6 Scary Threats to Your Finances | Farm Bureau Financial Services
From Tim VanDonge’s Learning Center: These common financial mistakes pose a threat to your finances. Here’s how you can take control and safeguard your finances.

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