Free colorectal cancer screening kits available in March

Statistics say colorectal cancer is the third-most common cancer found in both men and women. But fortunately, colorectal cancer found early is often highly curable.

In recognition of national Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March, 900 free colorectal cancer screening kits are being made available to anyone age 45 to 75.

The screening is recommended for those who have not had a recent colonoscopy. The kits can be picked up at Salina, Abilene, Concordia and Lindsborg pharmacies while supplies last. The screening uses an advanced fecal blood test that requires only one sample and has no food or drug restrictions. The samples can then be mailed to the Tammy Walker Cancer Center for lab analysis via a pre-paid postage envelope provided. Results of the test will be returned to both the patient and their primary care physician. Participants in the screening should return their samples for analysis by May 30.

Grant funding from the Salina Charities League and Salina Regional Health Foundation is helping to underwrite the screening.

Health officials recommend all men and women have a colonoscopy at age 45 to screen for colorectal cancer. Between colonoscopies patients can screen with a fecal blood test. Other tests may also be recommended by your physician. Those with a family history of the disease should consider screening at a younger age. African Americans are also known to be at an increased risk for colorectal cancer.

For more information about the free colorectal cancer screening kits contact Daniel Craig, cancer outreach coordinator at the Tammy Walker Cancer Center, by calling (785) 452-4848 or email Kits can also be mailed to interested participants by contacting Craig.

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