Explore, Acquire, & Cherish Art at Salon 50 Exhibition & Fundraiser

Explore, Acquire, & Cherish Art at Salon 50 Exhibition & Fundraiser

Dates: August 23 - October 23

The Salon 50 Exhibition & Fundraiser has officially kicked off, inviting art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and elegance. Delve into a curated selection of artworks available for both viewing and purchase through the online shop link provided. For those seeking a more personal connection with the art, arrangements can be made to collect your chosen pieces directly from the gallery.

Mark your calendars for a captivating start to this artistic journey. The grand Opening Reception takes place on Friday, August 25, from 5-7 pm, hosted at the Salina Art Center located at 242 S Santa Fe. This event presents a golden opportunity to mingle with the talented artists behind the exhibition, all while savoring light refreshments in a convivial ambiance.

Salon 50 is your gateway to the finest world of art that Kansas has to offer. Showcasing diverse works from 50 handpicked artists, this exhibition serves a dual purpose - not only allowing you to acquire remarkable art pieces but also contributing to the sustenance of Salina Art Center's vibrant programming and exhibitions in the present year and beyond. The artworks are elegantly displayed in a salon-style arrangement, presenting a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions that cater to various tastes.

This exceptional occasion promises to fulfill your quest for the ideal artwork, whether it's destined for your living space or office. With a range spanning paintings, printmaking, mixed media, photography, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, and fiber art, Salon 50 ensures a plethora of options to choose from. Such an extensive and exquisite collection is a rarity in Salina this summer - an experience not to be missed.

Embrace the artistic fervor and be part of this enthralling evening. The event is open to the public, welcoming everyone to revel in the beauty of art and join hands in supporting our artistic mission.

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