Exciting Music Event Unites Food Bank & Church of the Cross for a Memorable Evening

Exciting Music Event Unites Food Bank & Church of the Cross for a Memorable Evening
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Mark your calendars for a remarkable musical experience on June 17 at 7 pm, as the Food Bank and the Church of the Cross present an unforgettable evening filled with live music. Prepare to be captivated by talented performers while contributing to a great cause, as this benefit concert aims to raise funds for the Salina Emergency Aid Food Bank.

The concert will showcase two outstanding bands, starting with the harmonious melodies of the Church of the Cross Bell Ringers, followed by the electrifying sounds of Extended Warranty. From soulful tunes to energetic beats, this event promises an extraordinary range of musical genres that will leave you mesmerized.

To join in on this meaningful occasion, simply bring a non-perishable food item or make a monetary donation as your admission. Your generous contributions will go towards supporting the Salina Emergency Aid Food Bank, enabling them to provide vital assistance to those in need within our community.

Make your way to 1600 Rush St., where the concert will take place. Gather your friends, family, and fellow music lovers for an evening of delightful music and a chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enjoy live music while supporting a worthy cause.

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