Evacuation Notice Lifted

Evacuation Notice Lifted

UPDATE: An evacuation notice for all those within two miles of Hohneck and Watkins Roads has been lifted and residents may return home.

Fire crews continue to work in the area to mitigate further fire risk. If you do not need to be in the area please stay away to allow responders room to work.

An evacuation notice has been issued for all those within two miles of Hohneck and Watkins Roads.

If you are in this area LEAVE NOW and AVOID THE AREA.

Additionally, the interstate has low to no visibility due to smoke in the area of I-70 west of I-135. Avoid the interstate and take an alternate route if you must travel. Air support is en route to the area.

A fire that started on the south side of I-70 between Muir and Headville Road has crossed the interstate and is now burning north toward Culver, prompting the evacuation.

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