Escape the Chill at Rolling Hills Zoo

Escape the Chill at Rolling Hills Zoo

This Saturday and Sunday, January 13 & 14, Rolling Hills Zoo will be closed, but the Wildlife Museum will be open for HALF-PRICE, where guests can embark on a unique adventure despite the extreme weather conditions that have led to the temporary closure of the Zoo itself. But, fear not! Rolling Hills Zoo’s Wildlife Museum is stepping up to make your weekend memorable.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to explore the wonders of the Wildlife Museum at half the regular price. Immerse yourself in a global journey as you stroll through captivating exhibits showcasing the diversity of our planet's wildlife.

For the little explorers, Hideaway Hollow offers the perfect haven. Let the kids unleash their imagination as they play and discover the wonders of Hideaway Hollow. And if they're keen on finding Nemo, our giant saltwater tank promises an underwater adventure.

Don't miss out on RHZ’s winter wonderland experience during SnoWild! On Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., enjoy the temperature-controlled setting within the Wildlife Museum for a snowball fight and the chance to build snow forts with giant Legos. It's a family-friendly day of frosty fun and friendly battles. And then check out the Elephant's Trunk Gift Shop for some fun retail therapy.

So, whether you're feeling stir-crazy or just in need of a change of scenery, come out to Rolling Hills Zoo and make the most of this weekend's unique offerings. The Wildlife Museum awaits along with a promising blend of education and excitement for all ages. Let the adventure begin!

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