Deer Accidents Reported this Weekend

Deer Accidents Reported this Weekend
Photo by Laura College / Unsplash

The Saline County Sheriff's Department has documented a total of four deer-involved accidents that took place over the past weekend. These incidents are as follows:

  1. On Friday, November 3, at 6 am, a collision occurred on I-70 at milepost 243
  2. Later that same day, at 8 pm, another accident took place on I-70 at milepost 243
  3. On Sunday, November 5, at 6 pm, a deer-related collision was reported at I-135 milepost 87
  4. Lastly, on Sunday, November 5, at 8:30 pm, an incident occurred at 7500 S Burma

Motorists are urged to remain vigilant, especially during dawn and dusk hours, when deer are more active, to minimize the risk of further collisions.

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