Crisis Negotiations Team Participates in MACN Challenge

Crisis Negotiations Team Participates in MACN Challenge
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On June 1, the Salina Police Crisis Negotiations Team participated in the 12th Annual MACN (Missouri Association of Crisis Negotiators) Challenge. This gives the team the opportunity to be graded by an outside entity, with a scenario built by experienced facilitators, from across the region. The team enjoyed this great learning opportunity and challenge. For this event our team consisted of the following roles: Primary Negotiator - Detective Randy Constantino;  Coach/Secondary - Lieutenant Dave Villanueva, Boards/Intelligence Officer - Sergeant Scott Hogeland; Administrative Officer - Officer Aaron Keiswetter, and Officer Chris Venables as the Team Leader. Routinely, when you see SPD SWAT Team members deployed, there will be CNT members working behind the scenes to resolve situations peaceably.

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