County Commissioners Review Sole Bid for Barn 1 & Office Siding Project

County Commissioners Review Sole Bid for Barn 1 & Office Siding Project

During last Tuesday's county commission meeting, the commissioners deliberated over the Bid Award for the Siding project, covering Barn 1 and the Office. The proposal was part of the County's commitment to maintenance and enhancement stipulated in the new lease agreement with the City. The bidding process encompassed various improvements, including roof repairs, office repairs, insulation, and paving between Ag Hall and the Office. The bids, which were opened on August 8th, resulted in a solitary submission from Ponton Construction, totaling $663,328. If approved, the project is set to commence in the upcoming autumn and conclude by early 2024.

Staff Recommendation

The staff's recommendation was to award the project to Ponton Construction for the quoted amount of $663,328. This bid aligns with the phased plan formulated to meet the obligations outlined in the agreement between the County and the City.

Financial Implications and Coverage for the Project

Allocated within the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for Expo Center improvements is a sum of $482,503. While this isn't entirely sufficient to cover the expenses of the project, the CIP contains adequate funds to address the incremental cost. Presently, the CIP balance stands at $5,834,534, with $1,820,793 allocated to ongoing 2023 projects. This leaves a remaining amount of $4,013,741, which can be utilized to cover the supplementary expenses of this particular endeavor. Looking ahead to the 2024 budget, provisions are in place to secure $475,000 for the subsequent phase (Phase 4) of Expo Center projects. Notably, a cumulative amount of $1,729,297.29 has already been expended or earmarked for ongoing and completed projects at the Expo Center.

Projected Costs and Unexpected Factors

Initial estimates for the comprehensive improvements, before accounting for inflation and material shortages, amounted to $1,929,650. Unforeseen expenses, particularly concerning electrical and plumbing complications uncovered during the improvement work, have contributed to these deviations. Phase 4's scope includes Barn 2 screening, additional concrete work, and restoration of the brick on Ag Hall. Furthermore, Phase 5 encompasses Painting and Siding for 4H and Kenwood Hall, along with supplementary concrete work.

Approval and Absenteeism

The motion was approved 4-0. Commissioner Vidricksen was not present.

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