County Commission Approved Bid for McReynolds & Lapsley Road Low Water Crossings

County Commission Approved Bid for McReynolds & Lapsley Road Low Water Crossings

At Tuesday's County Commission meeting, Saline County commissioners were presented with a request from the Saline County Road and Bridge Department to award a bid for the construction of the McReynolds and Lapsley Road Low Water Crossings.

Sealed bids for this critical infrastructure project were opened on August 9, 2023, at 11 am, with a total of six bids received. The project encompasses the replacement of three bridges, with two of them located on McReynolds Rd and one on Lapsley Rd.

The scope of work involves the removal of structurally deficient bridge structures, regrading of roadways to facilitate low water crossings, installation of concrete paving in channel sections, and the implementation of seeding and erosion control measures. Both McReynolds and Lapsley Roads currently lead to agricultural fields, and discussions with field tenants have revealed overwhelming support for the project. Temporary alternate access routes have been arranged for their convenience during construction.

Funding for this vital project will be allocated from the 127 Account-Special Highway Construction, which boasts a current unencumbered balance of $2,637,322.28. Additionally, the McReynolds locations have been chosen to receive a cost-sharing grant from the 2023 Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Fund, covering 85% of construction costs up to $350,000, with an additional $50,000 allocated for the removal of the Lapsley structure.

The motion to approve the RFA as presented was approved by the County Commission 5-0.

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