County Commission Approves Support of Annexation

County Commission Approves Support of Annexation

At Tuesday's County Commission Meeting, Commissioners heard an annexation request.

Request for Action

On July 10th, the Salina City Commission adopted a Resolution requesting that the County Commission make a finding on the proposed annexation of 19.80 acres on the south side of I-70 west of North Ohio Street directly west of Foley Equipment Company. The reason for requesting the annexation is an economic development project.

K.S.A 12-520 c (3) states that when a city considers annexation of land that the Board of County Commissioners must “determine that the annexation of such land will not hinder or prevent the proper development of the area or that of any other incorporated city located within such county”. The nearest incorporated city to the proposed annexation is New Cambria located approximately 4 miles east.

Budget Impact

There will be a resulting budget shift of services from Saline County to the City of Salina. The City of Salina would assume fire protection relieving Rural Fire District #7 of responsibility. Upon annexation, the property will pay property taxes to the City and can receive certain city services in return.

The annexation request was supported 4-0. Commissioner Vidricksen was not present.

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