County Commission Approves Support for City Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Renewal

County Commission Approves Support for City Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Renewal

In a recent County Commission Meeting, officials delved into the renewal of the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP), exploring tools provided by state law to encourage enhancements to older homes and business properties. One noteworthy incentive is a tax rebate program applicable to improvements within areas designated as Neighborhood Revitalization Areas (NRAs), formed through intergovernmental agreements based on the NRP.

The City of Salina, boasting an NRA since 1996, typically sees counties overseeing tax rebates for property owners in NRAs. However, Salina has taken on this responsibility from Saline County through an agreement. The existing NRP, established in 2004 and last amended in 2018, is set to expire on December 31, 2023. However, it will automatically extend if other taxing entities, including the County, USD 305, Airport Authority, Library Board, and Extension District, agree. To demonstrate concurrence and with a proposal to add one more property to the NRA, Salina city staff presented a draft Resolution for adoption by the Commission, along with a comprehensive information packet highlighting current NRP performance and the draft plan for the next five years.

Notably, this extension is projected to have no adverse effects on the County budget. The logic behind this lies in the belief that properties within the NRA would not undergo improvements without the rebate, resulting in no tax increment for the County. Extending the NRP is anticipated to yield positive long-term budget impacts, motivating property owners to make enhancements that would otherwise not have occurred, subsequently becoming taxable once the rebate periods conclude.

The motion to support the NRP passed unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

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