County Commission Approves Staff Augmentation for County Facilities

County Commission Approves Staff Augmentation for County Facilities

During this week's County Commission Meeting, commissioners reviewed a request for action regarding staff augmentation for the development of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for county facilities. The request, which was presented by staff, aims to address the pressing need for solutions to accommodate various County departments' facility requirements.

This discussion is part of a broader initiative, included in the 2024 budget, where the Commission previously approved the idea of issuing a joint RFP with the City of Salina. The purpose of this RFP is to explore and propose effective solutions to meet the space requirements of both the County and the City, particularly focusing on downtown facilities. The goal is to initiate the RFP process early in the new year, allowing sufficient time for the selected firm to carry out a comprehensive study and make recommendations. However, the staff is currently dealing with time constraints due to competing projects.

To address this challenge, the Commission previously entered into agreements with consulting firms on June 6 and 20, which enabled the County to utilize their expertise for specific projects, including the development of policies and RFPs. Staff has now engaged both of these firms to propose work orders related to the development of the RFP.

After careful consideration, the staff recommends moving forward with the scope of work provided by Shockey Consulting. One primary reason for this choice is Shockey Consulting's location in Kansas City, which offers logistical advantages over the other firm located in the Dallas area. Although a substantial portion of the work can be conducted remotely, opting for Shockey would lead to cost savings on travel expenses. Additionally, Shockey's local presence can facilitate the promotion of the resulting RFP to firms more likely to submit proposals for projects in Central Kansas.

In terms of the budget impact, the proposed scope of work by Shockey Consulting comes to a total of $33,992. This funding will be allocated from the County Capital Improvement Fund, which currently holds a balance of $6.064M. Notably, over $2 million has been transferred into this fund throughout the year, with the possibility of additional transfers as the 2023 financials are finalized.

The motion to proceed with Shockey Consulting's scope of work was approved with a 3-1 vote, with Commissioner Sparks being the sole dissenter. Commissioner Hay was not present.

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