County Commission Approves Request for Additional Jail Equipment & Supplies

County Commission Approves Request for Additional Jail Equipment & Supplies
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At this week's County Commission meeting, Commissioners heard a request for action on jail project equipment & supplies.

Request for Action

On November 3, 2020, Saline County voters approved a project to construct a new jail and Sheriff’s Office. On November 17, 2020, the Commission authorized moving forward with construction pursuant to a contract with Turner Construction Company that was originally signed on March 24, 2020. On October 12, 2021, the Commission executed the first of two Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contracts, which amended that March 24, 2020, agreement with Turner. The second GMP amendment was executed on January 25, 2022. On December 20, 2022, two change orders were approved to allow Turner to purchase certain equipment on behalf of the County and to move forward with the “Annex” pre-engineered metal building on the southwest portion of the jail parcel. On April 11, 2023, the Commission approved two change orders (one for completion of the Annex building and one for addition of perforated metal ceiling in the Special Needs housing unit) and authorized the Sheriff to procure the Axon interview system.

Staff requested nine additional items related to purchases of equipment that exceed the purchasing authority of the Sheriff and County Administrator, including three change orders from Turner and six bid awards from other vendors. These are:

  1. Change Order 27 From Turner, in the amount of $191,335, for additional site security including perimeter fencing and improvements to the gate at the Woodland Avenue exit from the site.
  2. Change Order 28 from Turner, in the amount of $101,301, for power equipment necessary to service the building after it becomes operational, including a scissor lift, tractor and mower.
  3. Change Order 29 from Turner, in the amount of $127,628, for food preparation and serving equipment, including small kitchen items and food pass system for the housing units.
  4. A bid award to Amazon Business in the amount of $22,073.35 for 145 computer monitors.
  5. A bid award to Galls in the amount of $36,956 for transport restraints.
  6. A bid award to Guardian RFID in the amount of $70,701.30 for a system that will interface with the jail management system to allow documentation of inmate activities and incidents.
  7. A bid award to Tyler Technologies in the amount of $20,800.00 to customize the Guardian interface.
  8. A bid award to Bob Barker in the amount of $66,085.46 for various inmate supplies such as mattresses, blankets, towels, clothing, mugs, and toiletries.
  9. A bid award to Romaine Companies in the amount of $67,024 for cleaning equipment and shower supplies.

Multiple vendors were contacted and quotes obtained for each of the six recommended bid awards. The recommended awards represent either the lowest cost or the most compatible equipment.

The total amount of these purchases, $703,904.11, is within the $812,983 for site fencing and equipment identified on the budget sheet attached to the Commission’s April 11 agenda item. Together with other change orders approved over the last month and an overage of $15,899 in furniture to account for additional shelving, approval of today’s recommendation would leave about $893,033 available in the project. It is anticipated that there will be less than $100,000 in additional purchases for small equipment that will not come before the Commission as well as some $59,000 in known change order costs pending. Turner recommends—based on experience—reserving about $250,000 for small alterations at the very end of the project. This leaves approximately $487,390 that will be available for any currently unknown items that arise over the next four months of construction.

Budget Impact

These recommended purchases are within the approved total of $89,655,000 for the project and should leave a balance as explained above and shown on the attached budget sheet.

The motion was approved 4-0. Commissioner Hay was not present.

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