County Commission Approves Purchase of Rural Fire Demo Squad

County Commission Approves Purchase of Rural Fire Demo Squad

At the County Commission Meeting held on Tuesday, Rural Fire District 5 presented a proposal for the acquisition of a Squad unit. The request was for the purchase of a demo Squad unit from Hays Fire Equipment.

Action Requested
Saline County Fire District #5 is seeking approval to procure a demo Squad unit from Hays Fire Equipment. The anticipated delivery of the unit is scheduled for January next year. This demo unit is intended to replace the existing 1999 Ford 450 Squad, which is outdated, does not meet current NFPA standards, and lacks adequate equipment. The proposed demo unit is built on a 2023 International CV chassis, equipped with a 500-gallon water supply and a 500 GPM pump.

Staff Recommendation
Staff recommended proceeding with the acquisition of the apparatus from Hays Fire Equipment. Additionally, they propose utilizing a Lease-to-purchase option from Community Leasing Partners to finance the project. The total project cost is $201,654, with a financing requirement of $181,654 ($201,654 less a down payment of $20,000). Opting for a Demo unit not only modernizes the department's fleet but also presents a cost-effective solution for both the district and the community.

Budget Impact
To facilitate the Lease-to-purchase option through Community Leasing, staff suggests a 10% down payment. This down payment of $20,000 will be sourced from the department's Special Equipment account. The subsequent yearly payment of $24,545.50 will be allocated from the department's Lease to Purchase line item #039-155-840000.

The motion passed 4-0. Commissioner Vidricksen was not present.

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