County Commission Approves Purchase of Jail Transport Van

County Commission Approves Purchase of Jail Transport Van

During a recent County Commission Meeting, Commissioners discussed the acquisition of a new Sheriff Transport Van. The sheriff’s office formally requested the purchase of a replacement transport van, equipped with a prisoner transport insert, to replace a 2018 Ford Transport van with a current mileage of 180,320.

The exclusive bidder for this transport van was Long McArthur Ford in Salina. Following a review, the Sheriff’s office staff strongly recommended procuring the new Transport van with the insert installed from Long McArthur Ford.

The total cost for the transport van, inclusive of the insert, is $71,296.78, with the trade-in value of the existing van of $7,000. With $69,486.35 still available in the equipment budget for sheriff’s replacement vehicles in 2023, this amount will be transferred to the equipment reserve for payment in 2024. Additionally, the remaining $1,809.65 will be covered by insurance proceeds from wrecked vehicles, which have been deposited into the equipment reserve.

The approval for this acquisition received unanimous support with a 5-0 vote.

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