County Commission Approves Purchase of Expo Center Vehicle

County Commission Approves Purchase of Expo Center Vehicle

At a recent County Commission meeting, Commissioners heard a request for action to award the purchase for one new 2022 model Ram 4 door 4-wheel drive ½ ton truck. Sealed bids were opened on May 8th, 2023, at 11 am at the City County Building room 209 with only 1 bid of $39,999 plus $1,100 delivery cost for a total of $41,099.

Staff Recommendation
Staff recommends accepting and awarding the total bid of $41,099 to Stivers CDJR in Prattville, Alabama. On July 12, 2022 commission approved Expo center to spend $45,000 to purchase a pickup in FY 2023. Specs were reviewed and met. This truck will replace the 2003 Ford F-150 2 door 2-wheel drive that will be purple waived.

Budget Impact
Monies will come from EIP General Fund.

The motion was approved 5-0.

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