County Commission Approves Implementation of Catalis Pretrial Software

County Commission Approves Implementation of Catalis Pretrial Software

During the April 23, 2024, County Commission meeting, the request for action #2024-68 titled "Catalis Pretrial Software" was approved. This significant decision follows thorough consideration of the proposal presented by Community Corrections.

The request, spearheaded by Michelle Callam and Sherry Krous, highlighted the need to streamline the management of client information within the Saline County Pre-Trial Program. Currently, the reliance on spreadsheets proves cumbersome and inefficient, hindering the effective collection of statistical data vital for program evaluation and improvement.

The Catalis software emerged as the optimal solution after a rigorous two-year search for software tailored to pre-trial programs. Its specialized features promise ease of data analysis, simplified data entry for staff, and an integrated client notification system, replacing the outdated messaging program. Moreover, adopting Catalis would yield significant cost savings, with the agency currently spending approximately $27,000 annually on the existing messaging program.

With the commission's approval, Community Corrections will shoulder the one-time start-up costs of $8,000 and the first-year fee of $12,000. Funds from the Justice Assistance Grant or agency reimbursement dollars will cover these expenses. Additionally, Community Corrections seeks Saline County's commitment to cover the subsequent annual costs as part of the computer maintenance budget starting from 2025.

The alternatives for action presented to the commission included either approving or denying the implementation of Catalis Pretrial software. However, the staff recommendation strongly advocated for its approval, citing its benefits and alignment with the program's needs.

In terms of budget impact, Community Corrections will cover the initial expenses for configuration, training, and the first year. Subsequent years will impact the computer maintenance budget, reflecting the ongoing commitment to enhancing program efficiency and effectiveness.

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