County Commission Approves Environmental Protection Grant

County Commission Approves Environmental Protection Grant

During the County Commission meeting held on April 9, 2024, the Administrative Resource Center presented a request for action regarding the acceptance of a Local Environmental Protection Program Grant.

Hannah Bett, representing the Administrative Resource Center, outlined the grant opportunity from the Kansas Department of Health & Environment for water and wastewater projects for counties. After careful evaluation, the Environmental Health division submitted a grant request to purchase portable water testing equipment. On April 1st, Saline County was informed of being awarded $1,500 to acquire this equipment.

The Commission was presented with two alternatives for action: to accept the Local Environmental Protection Program Grant in the amount of $1,500 or to decline the grant.

Following consideration, the County Commission unanimously approved the recommendation to accept the grant. This decision allows Saline County to procure essential equipment, including a UV Light and Portable Nitrate Testing Monitor, which will aid in testing private water wells for contaminants. Importantly, there are no matching funds required for this grant, alleviating any budgetary impact.

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