County Commission Approves Bid Award for Aggregate Hauling

County Commission Approves Bid Award for Aggregate Hauling

In the latest County Commission Meeting held on Tuesday, the Road & Bridge Department presented details on the bid award for the 2024 aggregate and aggregate hauling. The Saline County Road and Bridge Department proposed a motion for the Commissioners to discuss and take necessary action on the bids for the 2024 ROADWAY MAINTENANCE – AGGREGATE MATERIAL and AGGREGATE HAULING.

Sealed bids from three aggregate producers and seven aggregate haulers were opened on December 14, 2023, at 11:00 am. Notably, aggregate material and aggregate hauling were bid separately, and the combined material and hauling costs were assessed to determine the total expenditures to the County.

The recommendations in the table highlight Harshman Construction (Florence Road Company) as the lowest bidder for the aggregate producer and the two lowest bids from aggregate haulers, with Robinson Trucking securing the low bid for each of the crushed limestone aggregates. However, due to capacity constraints, the Road and Bridge Department recommends awarding the bid to a second hauler, Knight Trucking.

An unexpected development arose as Hamm Quarry from Woodbine, KS, failed to submit a bid for this year's aggregate. Despite this, they have 10,000 tons of SS-5 material already produced and stockpiled. With the Road and Bridge Department's limited stockpile of SS-5 material, especially concerning during the approaching winter months, they propose purchasing up to 10,000 tons of Hamm's material at the 2023 price point. C. Johnson Trucking is recommended for hauling at their 2024 bid price.

It's crucial to note that the SS-3 material has a maximum aggregate size of 3/4", while the SS-5 material, the primary surfacing material for the Road and Bridge Department, has a maximum aggregate size of 1.5". The 2024 budgets for various road gravel types and contract hauling are outlined as follows:

  • Road Gravel (SS-5 and SS-3) = $550,000
  • Road Gravel (SS-8 and SS-7) = $135,000
  • Road Gravel (AB-3) = $135,000
  • Contract Hauling = $475,000

The request for action seeks Commissioner approval for the unit prices as stated. Quantities purchased throughout the year will depend on weather conditions, but any total purchases exceeding the budget require approval from the County Commissioners. The motion for approval was successfully carried.

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