County Commission Approves Aggregate Purchase

County Commission Approves Aggregate Purchase
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At Tuesday's County Commission meeting, Commissioners heard a request to authorize the purchase of crushed concrete from Lonnie Wilson for $15 per ton. Total expenditure not to exceed $75,000.

Staff Recommendation
Staff recommends approval of the material purchase. The material is located on State St. west of the railroad tracks. The material would be used to put a material edge wedge on portions of State St., Halstead Rd. and Hedville Rd. should there be enough material. Purchasing the material at $15 dollars a ton is a considerable savings. The County is currently paying $24.50 for AB-3 hauled to their yard and there would be less fuel expense and truck cycle times.

Budget Impact
The purchase would come from the SS-8 Line Item 011-030-912200 which has an unencumbered balance of $170,074.57.

The motion was approved 5-0.

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