Community Discussion Panel to be Held at Art Center Cinema

Community Discussion Panel to be Held at Art Center Cinema

The Salina Art Center is pleased to announce a special community discussion panel accompanying the upcoming screening of "Bad Press," running from Friday, November 17, to Wednesday, November 22, 2023, at the Art Center Cinema, 150 S Santa Fe. Secure your tickets for the film online or at the box office.

"Bad Press" unveils the story of a maverick reporter who, faced with sudden censorship of the free press within the Muscogee Nation, battles to expose government corruption in a landmark struggle that resonates throughout Indian country.

Join in a community discussion panel at the Art Center Cinema on Sunday, November 19, at 4 PM, nestled between the scheduled showings of "Bad Press" at 2 PM and 6 PM. Participate in the conversation with the Art Center and an esteemed panel of guests, featuring Clay Wirestone, Paul Green, Charles Rankin, and more, as you delve into the significance of a free press.

About the film 'Bad Press':
While Americans often take the concept of a "free press" for granted, the documentary "Bad Press" prompts us to ponder the societal implications when that freedom is compromised. Sadly, instances of censorship and media suppression are not confined to foreign lands but are happening within various parts of America, including Native American reservations lacking constitutional safeguards for a free press.

This thought-provoking documentary offers a glimpse into the dystopian consequences of political leaders flexing their authoritarian muscles against the press. It also provides an insightful examination of the political processes and ideological conflicts within the indigenous community, serving as a reminder of the rich cultural diversity within our own nation.

Co-directed by Rebecca Landsberry-Baker, executive director of the Native American Journalists Association, and Joe Peeler, a seasoned documentarian, "Bad Press" follows the journey of journalist Angel Ellis, determined to reinstate the Free Press Act enacted by the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma. Within three years, legislators repealed the act, placing media control in the hands of the tribal government instead of an independent editorial board.

The film underscores the alarming speed with which news media can transform into a tool for corrupt political leaders, inciting not only activists like Ellis but also ordinary citizens. What makes this documentary truly unsettling is the familiarity of the justifications for suppressing public information.

While instances of press intimidation are prevalent across the nation, "Bad Press" reveals the severity of the issue, emphasizing that independent journalism is fundamental to the freedom we cherishโ€”and a freedom that can be eroded before we realize it.

Documentary | Unrated; contains mature themes | 98 minutes
Film descriptions provided by Dave Cooper, a friend and cinema supporter.

"Bad Press"
Now Playing November 17 - 22, 2023

Friday | 6 PM & 8:30 PM*
*8:30 Late Night Showing Tickets only $8

Saturday-Sunday | 2 PM & 6 PM

Monday-Wednesday | 6 PM


  • $12 General Admission
  • $10 Students & Seniors
  • $8 SAC Members

Friday Late Night showing @ 8:30 PM: all tickets only $8

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