Commissioners Review Bid Proposal for 2023 Aggregate Shouldering at County Meeting

Commissioners Review Bid Proposal for 2023 Aggregate Shouldering at County Meeting

Road and Bridge Department Seeks Approval for APAC-Kansas Bid

In Tuesday's County Commission Meeting, commissioners deliberated over a proposal from the Road and Bridge Department, focusing on the bid award for the 2023 aggregate shouldering project.

The Road and Bridge Department formally requested the commission's action on awarding the bid for the construction of aggregate shoulders in 2023. Sealed bids were opened on November 21 at 11 am, with the sole bid submitted by APAC-Kansas. The department emphasized the need for the shouldering work to be completed by March 29, 2024.

The staff's recommendation is to accept the unit price bid from APAC-Kansas, amounting to an estimated $208,326.55 for the work. The proposed budget impact indicates that the project's funds will be drawn from an account designated for Contractual Asphalt Work, with a total budget of $2.5M. Other contractual work to be covered from this account includes chip seal, crack seal, and hot-mix asphalt.

As of now, the specified budget line item holds a balance of $1,150,568.01. The commissioners voted 4-0 to approve the presented item, with Commissioner Shadwick being absent during the decision-making process.

The motion to approve this item as presented was approved 4-0. Commissioner Shadwick was not present.

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