Collector's Pair-of-Dice Returns to Salina with a Fresh Focus on Gaming & Community

Collector's Pair-of-Dice Returns to Salina with a Fresh Focus on Gaming & Community

Collector's Pair-of-Dice, located at 621 E Crawford, is a beloved establishment in Salina that has reopened its doors, promising a revitalized experience for tabletop gaming enthusiasts and comic book aficionados alike.

Founded in 1995 by James and Laura Deckert, the journey of Collector's Pair-of-Dice has been one of resilience and dedication to the community. Initially located on Hagaman St., the store later found its home in Kraft Manor on 9th St., where it offered a diverse array of products including comic books, movie posters, miniatures, and board games.

Despite facing challenges, including a relocation to Santa Fe in 2002 and subsequent closure, the spirit of Collector's Pair-of-Dice endured. James and Laura continued their passion from their home, with James even developing a computer program to assist comic book stores nationwide.

Tragedy struck in 2017 when James was diagnosed with brain cancer, but Laura valiantly carried on, serving loyal customers until James's passing in April 2018. Determined to honor James's legacy, Laura continued to operate the business until early 2022, when she made the difficult decision to close its doors.

However, hope was on the horizon. In late 2022, James and Laura's daughter, Rowan, stepped in with a vision to resurrect Collector's Pair-of-Dice, imbuing it with a renewed focus on tabletop gaming and community engagement. With guidance from the Small Business Development Center at Fort Hays State University and the support of Susan Penka and Renee Duxler from the Salina Chamber of Commerce, Rowan crafted a meticulous business plan that secured a GROW Kansas loan through Network Kansas.

After months of preparation, Collector's Pair-of-Dice reopened its doors on October 28th, 2023, coinciding with the anniversary of its original closure exactly 20 years prior. Rowan's dedication to creating a welcoming environment shines through, as the store is more than just a retail space but also a hub for gaming enthusiasts to gather and connect.

The Deckert family is thrilled to reintroduce James's passions to Salina while injecting new energy into the establishment. With a commitment to fostering community and sharing their expertise and enthusiasm, Collector's Pair-of-Dice invites all to experience the magic within its walls.

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