City of Salina Preparing for Wintry Mix

City of Salina Preparing for Wintry Mix
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

Anticipating a potential wintry mix of rain and light snow this upcoming weekend, the City of Salina is taking proactive measures to keep its roads safe. Salt trucks will be on standby to treat bridge decks and other elevated surfaces with rock salt in order to prevent hazardous icing.

To ensure the safety of both motorists and salt truck operators, it's kindly requested that the public maintain a safe distance when approaching these trucks from behind. These vehicles will be actively distributing salt onto the roadway, and driving too closely to them could pose safety risks and additional challenges for everyone on the road.

For more information on storm and winter operations, please visit the City's official website at, follow updates on the City's Facebook page at, or contact the General Services office at (785) 309-5750.

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