City Manager Addresses Concerns Over Drag Show at Oakdale Park

City Manager Addresses Concerns Over Drag Show at Oakdale Park

City Manager Mike Schrage addressed concerns over an upcoming drag show scheduled for June 1st at Oakdale Park, responding to inquiries from concerned citizens. Schrage outlined that the event was permitted following standard protocols for park reservations and special event permits. He emphasized that the event was lawful, having met all necessary requirements and fees.

In response to inquiries regarding parental concerns about exposing children to the event in a public space, Schrage suggested that if citizens found the event disruptive, they could utilize alternative areas of the park or explore other parks within the city. He noted that similar events had been held in the city's parks for several years.

For citizens seeking to voice their concerns or ask questions, Schrage provided contact information for the Salina Parks Department and the City Manager's Office. "If anyone has questions about park reservations or special events permitting they may contact the Salina Parks Department at 785-309-5765. If they have questions about what are or are not lawful uses of park facilities, they may contact the City Manager’s Office at 785-309-5700."

He also highlighted the opportunity for public engagement at City Commission meetings and provided details on how citizens could participate. "Each City Commission meeting includes a Citizens Forum portion of the agenda as an opportunity to speak to the City Commission and the governing body may be emailed using a link provided on the City’s website."

Additionally, Captain Feldman, with the Salina Police Department, confirmed that while the police were not scheduled to be present at the event, they would respond to any concerns of unlawful behavior. He reassured that past drag shows had not resulted in any law violations or issues requiring police intervention.

Overall, Schrage's responses aimed to reassure the public that the event had been permitted within the framework of existing regulations and that measures were in place to address any concerns or issues that may arise during the event.

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