City Commission Supports Low Income Housing Development

City Commission Supports Low Income Housing Development

In a unanimous decision, the Salina City Commission has passed two crucial resolutions aimed at supporting the development of low-income housing in the area.

Resolution No. 24-8201 expresses the City's backing for the Salina Housing Authority's application for Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to aid in financing a multi-family development project at 721 West Cloud Street. The development, in collaboration with Knight Development, plans to construct forty-eight units across five buildings. The Resolution of Support, required by the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC) for LIHTC applications, enhances the project's chances of success by demonstrating local support. The City's approval emphasizes its commitment to addressing housing needs within the community.

Resolution No. 24-8202 addresses the financial aspect of the project by waiving commercial building permit fees associated with the multi-family development. The waiver, amounting to approximately $45,500, signifies the City's commitment to facilitating the construction of affordable housing. While not a typical incentive under the City's Housing Incentive Policy, fee waivers have been granted in the past for similar projects, emphasizing the City's willingness to support initiatives that benefit the community.

These resolutions mark significant steps toward addressing the shortage of affordable housing in Salina. By supporting the Salina Housing Authority's efforts to secure funding and easing financial burdens associated with development, the City Commission demonstrates its dedication to enhancing the quality of life for all residents.

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