City Commission Authorizes Purchase of Vehicles and Equipment

City Commission Authorizes Purchase of Vehicles and Equipment

The Salina City Commission has greenlit the acquisition of vehicles and equipment as approved under the 2024 Sub-CIP (Capital Improvement Program). The decision, authorized by the City Manager, follows a comprehensive process initiated with the approval of the 2024 sub-CIP on December 11, 2023.

With an estimated total cost of $4,690,570, the purchase encompasses essential vehicles and equipment for various city departments, including those funded by the Sales Tax Capital, Sanitation, Solid Waste, and Water/Wastewater Funds.

Central Garage staff collaborated closely with departments to compile detailed specifications tailored to meet departmental needs. The specifications, designed to be generic yet comprehensive, ensure compatibility with a wide range of manufacturers. However, in some instances, specific requirements may limit the availability of certain brands.

A rigorous bidding process was undertaken for eighty-seven vehicles and equipment items identified in the sub-CIP. Detailed bid tabulations have been meticulously reviewed, with estimated costs established during the 2024 budget deliberations in May 2023.

The decision to authorize the purchase comes with careful consideration of budgetary implications. With an anticipated ending fund balance of approximately $891,500 in the Vehicle & Equipment Capital Reserve Fund, fiscal prudence has been a guiding principle.

Any over-budget amounts for the Sanitation department will be offset by the fund balance from the Sanitation fund, which stood at $1,741,500 at the close of 2023.

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